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GOMAD Diet: The Pros & Cons

GOMAD Diet: The Pros & Cons


The gallon of milk one day (GOMAD) diet is precisely what it may sound like: a program which entails consuming a gallon of entire milk of the course of one day. This’s along with the regular consumption of yours of foods.

This particular “diet” is not a weight reduction program, but a “bulking strategy” for weightlifters looking to add muscle mass in a quick level of time. The thought is drinking a gallon of entire milk each day until the goal weight of yours is reached. This typically takes 2 to 8 days.

Too passionate GOMAD consumer reviews are abundant on the web. But will be the diet needed, secure, and well worth perhaps uncomfortable side effects? Here is a glimpse at the advantages and disadvantages.

What is in a gallon of milk?

A gallon of whole milk supplies roughly:

2,400 calories

127 grams (g) of fat

187 g of carbohydrates

123 g of protein It is not surprising that GOMAD functions as far as assisting people put on weight fast. Liquid calories do not allow you to feel as full as those from food that is solid, therefore it is much easier to consume an extra 2,400 calories than to consume them.

The absence of fiber in milk also makes it much easier to gulp down an extra 2,400 calories than chew them. Dietary fiber is particularly filling, and that’s why it can help when you are attempting to lose bodyweight.

In order to get 2,400 calories from food that is good, you can eat:

Two avocados (640 calories)

Three cups of rice (616 calories)

One cup of mixed nuts (813 calories)

One 1/2 cup diced chicken breast (346 calories) It is not surprising that gulping down sixteen cups of milk looks like a far more appealing & less time consuming choice.

Pros of GOMAD diet Drinking a gallon of milk is less time consuming compared to consuming the equivalent 2,400 calories.

You will achieve your goal weight rapidly on this particular diet.

This particular diet might work nicely for bodybuilders or weightlifters.

Is actually GOMAD secure?

A gallon of milk offers stiletto quantities of particular nutrients. But that is not necessarily an excellent idea. Imagine the 1,920 milligrams (mg) of sodium, eighty three % of the daily recommended limit based on the 2015 2020 Dietary Guidelines for AmericansTrusted Source. That is with no consuming or even drinking other things.

A gallon of milk also adds up to eighty g of fat that is saturated. That is aproximatelly 400 % of the daily recommended limit, according to the suggestions. Several professionals do not agree that fat that is saturated is a substance which calls for limits.

Calcium overload Calcium is but one nutrient most Americans do not get enough of. A gallon of milk one day provides 4,800 mg, well surpassing the everyday recommendation of 1,000 mg for many adults. Such a high daily ingestion of this particular mineral can be damaging.

Industry experts caution that females and males between nineteen as well as fifty years of age shouldn’t consume over 2,500 mg of calcium one day. This’s due to concerns regarding impaired kidney function and a heightened risk of kidney stones.

Several experiments indicate that individuals that eat very high quantities of calcium may have increased chances of prostate cancer as well as heart disorders, though much more research is required to this specific place. A 2014 studyTrusted Source even recommended that a lot of milk may impact bone health.

 Gastrointestinal distress You may argue that drinking a gallon of entire milk one day for a short time is actually not likely to do very much destruction to the overall health of yours. But GOMAD is able to lead to uneasy gastrointestinal symptoms which could manifest as early as day one.

Some of them are diarrhea, nausea, and bloating. These indicators are actually experienced by people who do not report an allergy or lactose intolerance to milk protein.

Discomfort aside, this demonstrates how GOMAD is able to interfere with everyday living. Be ready to carry milk along with you during the day, as it is hard to drink sixteen cups of milk in brief periods of time.

Cons of the GOMAD diet

GOMAD is able to lead to uneasy gastrointestinal problems for example bloating, nausea, and diarrhea.

You’ve to have around milk along with you during the day since it is hard to eat this a lot of whole milk during 2 or maybe 3 sittings.

A gallon of milk has roughly 1,680 mg of sodium as well as seventy three g of fat that is saturated, high above the daily recommended amounts.

The takeaway Adding a gallon of milk to your every day diet surely tackles the caloric excess required to put on weight as well as assistance muscle building (in case one engages in muscle building physical exercise, of course). But that does not make GOMAD a great strategy.

While several of the weight apply as a consequence of GOMAD is going to be muscle mass, a considerable amount will additionally be body fat. The body of yours cannot utilize a large number of calories all at one time, therefore the leftovers will likely be kept as fat.

By comparison, a far more thoroughly planned and less intense diet with an extended time period is able to assist with an objective of gaining weight, with the majority of that coming from increased muscle mass.

GOMAD elevates exactly the same red flags that starvation diets do: chasing a short term effect utilizing unsustainable techniques that are included with unpleasant side effects. It is generally a greater strategy to construct healthful patterns which can keep going for the long haul.